22 Journalling Prompts/Clearings To Enable A Fresh Start

Great post by @SerenereReflection

Find all of them HERE📝📝

Serene Reflection

Year-ends provide a good excuse for review, reflection and redirection.  
We become aware of the passing of time more deeply and hence tend to take stock and re-evaluate our current ways. However, most reactive New Year Resolutions run out of steam in a few weeks and we fall back into old patterns.

To truly make a shift, we need to first quietly reflect on what we would like for ourselves and then methodically create an environment that is supportive of such change.

A list of generative questions flowed spontaneously on this subject – so I am sharing them here for those who would like to take a deep dive…. You may use them as journaling prompts or as afformations.
For those familiar with healing tools such as EFT, Access Consciousness Clearing Statement or Now Healing, you can use them as clearings.

At the very least, a brief…

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