Thankful Thursday

Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a great day and even better tomorrow (😁 if you live in the future from my time!).

I’m not feeling well; so this will be short. I think the material will make up for it, though.

Today is my day 30 of consistent writing. Most days, I “wanted” to write. Wanting something and doing it are different things, aren’t they? That was my previous thought process…


I might get around to it.

We’ll see.

If I get some time.

There’s always tomorrow.

A special person suggested to me, write a blog every morning when you have your coffee. Strange.. Coffee is something I have consistently. It requires some concentration and focus.

Putting the minimum effort into my future (hopefully I’m successful with this) is the least I should be doing.

The past 30 days hasn’t been a single type of blog post; but a lovely collection of subjects (I LOVE variety!).

What I REALLY appreciate today, the simplist of gifts,.. Help!

Let me encourage you to write a few sentences (or more if desired!) tomorrow. On Saturday, write again. You don’t have to share it with us.

If you’re feeling stuck, and don’t know what topic to use, here’s an ENORMOUS (1064 prompts to be exact) list.

Enjoy the experience of words, imagery, and creation.

With Love,



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