Wednesday’s Wisdom

I have some wisdom I’d like to share with you, today.

These are concepts you’ve heard before; however, they are worthy of repeating.

  1. People inturpret life through what they have experienced.
    • What people think of you has nothing to do with you.
    • What people think of you is who they see in themselves.
    • If you feel some type of way about what people think of you, consider what within you needs healing.
  2. Never let your safety be jeopardized. That’s mental, emotional, spiritual, any divition of safety!
  3. Someone who says you’re unlovable, isn’t anything but toxic. You don’t need that in your life.
  4. When you have been hurt, if you choose to be rash, and release your inner immature evil… (That is.. If you have that within you, still!), don’t wine about your misfortunes. You chose your karma.
    • Respond to a situation with focus ONLY on the original issue.
    • Listen to, acknowledge, and repeat what you hear from the other person.
    • If you don’t seek to understand, yet keep fueling the fire, you’re bound to hurt them. It’s inevitable.
  5. Set your boundaries and enforce them! If someone is being invasive, you are allowed to put a stop to it.
    • Before you can do that though, you MUST realize you’re worth boundaries and safety!
    • If you don’t know how to set boundaries, know what they sound like, or afraid to, let me help you.
  6. Keep a healthy balance between being in and out of your head.
    • Don’t run from the problems. They’ll be there waiting when you can’t run anymore.
    • Scary is uncomfortable; but, it’s NOT as uncomfortable as that which hinders you from your greatest self.
    • Whatever you want out of you, write down!!!
  7. LAUGH!! Find reasons if life doesn’t present them to you! It’s seriously great for your health! HERE’S A GREAT CLIP:

The whole living and trying to coexist with one another can be tough. Is there hatred and inhumanity? You betcha. What I’ve always said, focus on yourself! When you heal, you live the world differently.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 💎

Seize Every Opportunity to Fulfill Your Legacy 💚

💜 Nova

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