Move Out of Your Way

How many opportunities do you want to miss?

Opportunities to be that blessing to others?

Opportunities to change someone’s day?

Opportunities to help?

Opportunities to make a difference?

Opportunities to create a legacy?

Your life isn’t all that’s in front of you.

No Ma’am; no Sir!!

There’s a greater, bigger, more unified purpose.

When we choose to be bitter, angry, shady, or downright ugly..

We get in the way of what’s really happening.

We get in the way of this flow of life events.

We mess up God’s MOJO FLOW!!

And that’s unfortunate because you, my friend, were destined for Greatness! You were created and equipped to do big things!

So remember, situations are lessons, people are blessings, and your purpose is bigger than your human nature.

With love and light,


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