Energy Is Of Consciousness

Your world is your version of perception. Your reality is what you create. Whether a belief is Science, Spirituality, or Science, this truth remains true.

Mindfulness brings you to a place of sharp decision making, authentic perception, and clear vision. It carries the potential to restore our bodies, souls, and minds to handle life at our best.

With the immediate moment, the anguish or bitterness, grief or resentment, frustration and disappointment can’t interfere.

Being present means attracting energy that best serves you. It’s investing into yourself, the consideration as to what types of energy you want in your space. It’s redirecting that which you choose not to accept.

This energy in this moment is yours.

That’s the power you have over your life.

Enjoy your week!

Seize Every Opportunity to Fulfill Your Legacy!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

With Love,

Nova Namastè

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