Self-Care Has to Be Intentional

How much time will you waste on going “through the motions” while stagnant in the “emotions”?

How much effort do you invest into yourself/wealth/ & future?

Why do you pretend so fiercely; yet, your emotional trauma affects your normal body functions?

Do you face your truth?

What “could be” might be uncertain.. but; it’s the “certainty in your current trauma” that’s creating a horrible “ existing “ experience.

I talk a lot about self-care and mental health. It’s important! It’s a topic that needs normalized into our lives, schools, society, and the work place.

In taking care of us. self-care is more than bubble baths and shopping sprees. It’s more than several drinks at the bar with war buddies.

The reality is.. Self-Care is doing the hard stuff to heal from the pain. It’s intentional choices that put you in new and uncomfortable situations. It’s talking the real talk to yourself when you need it most. It’s showing up for yourself when you doubt. It’s writing stuff down. It’s working it out. It’s letting go of the anger.

It’s facing it. Facing yourself and choosing you OVER Denial..Pride… Complacency.

Self Care is doing what’s best for you; even when it’s challenging.

Because you deserve it!

Start today 🫶🏼

Nova Namastè

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