Ten Things of Thankful

This is my first time participating in this challenge. That said, here we go!

#1. Incense :

As I began exploring my spirituality, incense has been a major role in my mood and meditation process. I love the earth fragrances the most: Sandalwood, Polo Santo, Patchouli, and Pine are a few.

#2. Internet:

These next few years will be the most challenging I’ll ever face. I’m so grateful the internet provides a source of communication no matter where 2 are located.

#3. Income:

My heart smiles so much bigger now, knowing I’m working. It’s a fantastic job, where I’ll be able to give so much more to my kids.

#4. Inspiration:

Sometimes, this comes in a quiet moment.. Sometimes, it’s a Tiktok video. I try hard to keep my heart open to receive whatever positive vibes are meant for me.

#5. Ice:

Ironic since Spring just arrived. I am thankful for ice cubes! It’s strange, or maybe it’s not; but, I drink significantly more water when it’s ice cold. I also put ice in my milk. Anyone else?

#6. Images:

These capture moments in time, preserving memories. Recently, I printed nearly $60 in images of my two girls. I wanted the physical photos in a book, so they can have them later in life. Lookin through all of them melted my heart. I love my babies so much.

#7. Ink:

Whether for writing, signing a document, or creating a tattoo, I am so thankful for it. I’m thankful that there’s variety in color, and how smooth it can look on paper.

#8. Irons:

Clothing or hair, doesn’t matter! They’re all fabulous! I recently bought a clothes iron for this craft my daughter does! LOL Otherwise, I wouldn’t own one.. But; they’re still great.

#9. Integrity:

To choose the right thing isn’t always easy. Matter of fact, it’s rarely easy. I am thankful for my personal growth in love for myself that I accept my convictions and proceed in accordance to my truth. Having this quality says so much about who I am as a lady.

#10: Indoor Plants:

I’ve recently purchased a few, so my Layla (My Orchid) wouldn’t be lonely. I truly feel their natural homey affect on my apartment. I’m excited to see them bloom!

There you have it!! Thank you Carol, for inspiring me to participate. If you’re not following this sweet lady, please check her blog out 🙂

With Love and Light,


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