Chains ⛓

What do you do when you can’t

shut it off..

Turn it down


Silence the wretched noise

That resides in the chambers

When the soul feel tortured

By this powerful chain of

Sadness.. and no matter

What is said.. or what you’ve

Done.. nothing seems to

Break you free..

What do you do?

4 thoughts on “Chains ⛓

  1. I allow it to wash over me. I spend my days and nights leaning in to the emotions. But I turn off self hate and begin to allow self love to encompass me. It is okay to feel this way, I say to myself. I look at the sadness with curiosity and compassion and reach out for a connection with somebody who will listen without judgment and be with me through the pain. All this takes so much courage that I think I will die within it, but I don’t. I rebuild and unite with my mind, body and soul. I start afresh—again. And I know I will repeat this over and over. But, for now, I just accept and then move on to wherever I’m to be next. A lost episode. A losing battle. But the small wins are worth it and the gratitude I feel towards that faithful friend and fearless thought get me through.

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