The Thing Is…

People are going to let you down. They’re going to refuse your extended hand of generosity. They’re going to snap back with aggression, because of their own insecure feelings of “charity case” syndrome.

They’re going to cut you off in traffic.. Hang up on you, while on the phone, completely disregard your opinion, and carry this nasty chip on their shoulder.

They’re going to whisper in the store, when your child fusses, parent you on how to better parent your own children, and gossip about nothing of their business.

People are going to sit in your spot, park too close to your car, be all up in your space when shopping, and probably chew like ill mannered heathens.

They’ll definitely take too long at the cash register, order too much in the drive through, make your order incorrectly, forget to include something, and sometimes overcharge you.

They’ll yell like crazy people at sporting events, throw trash all over the ground, get into bar fights, and call you when their wasted ass can not get home.

They’ll break the law, sneak out at night, leave clothes lasting around, refuse to wash their own dirty dishes, then yell at you for expecting too much.

People will make choices that will Hurt you.. Destroy you.. Disappoint & Anger you…

But the thing to remember… None of that.. Has anything to do with you. If you consider we all live life in accordance to what we know, experience, and understand.. You’ll realize there’s a difference in every reality.. At every given moment, yours and theirs were meant to cross paths.

What will you teach them? What can you introduce to them that creates life a bit easier? What was the significant moments aura for you?

I’m learning this myself. I’ve had an exceptionally heavy emotional week.. And I’m trying to let it pass with wisdom and love.. But it’s so hard.


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