I’m So Grateful, But So Sad

Believe it or not, I’m using this method as a coping mechanism to fight off grief and sadness.

Please let me be in these feelings. I have to honor them, as they are just another side to a whole person.

This was from my walk today.

When I’m strong enough to share more of my story, I will. I can’t emphasize enough… {when, in fact, there will never be a measure of “enough” with Mental Health. } how important it is to take care of your mind!!

In addition to Mental Self-Care, there’s 7 subdivisions. You’ll learn all about them as you explore my shop tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Much Love 💕

10 thoughts on “I’m So Grateful, But So Sad

  1. Many of us try to rid ourselves of sad feelings, as they are difficult to tolerate, but it is a process we have to work through. Hang in there – everything including bad feelings passes with the right support.

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  2. You seem, to me, to be very wise. I wish for myself the same kind of wisdom one day. Although, I know we will never achieve complete wisdom, I feel we can always pursue it. Thanks for your posts! Jaidan

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