One, Without The Other, Is Nothing!

Play & Work

Love & Hate

Good & Evil

Light & Dark

Up & Down

In & Out

These ideas are not entirely defined by their own existence. It takes a piece of what it isn’t, to provide its authentic identity. Without the other, there would be no clear understanding of it’s meaning/purpose.

Finding the balance provides this idea of “life”. The second idea I want to emphasis is this balance is an acceptance of both sides.

To honor the good, there has to be bad. To honor light, we have to accept darkness. What is and it’s opposite coexist at the same time.

Find your balance; but, remember, it takes multiple parts to create a whole.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

3 thoughts on “One, Without The Other, Is Nothing!

  1. I am currently studying this phenomenon with light and dark. The idea that we need to accept, and maybe even be grateful, for the darkness in our lives will actually allow us to experience more joy. The dichotomies abound and you have captured them here with very few words. Thank you! Jaidan

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