The WOTD Challenge: Forgetful

“Where did I put my keys?” said the handbag that carries them.

“Where is my phone?” goes the ear, listening to Auntie Jemima talk’in about cotton prices.

“Where did I set my medicine?” creaked the bathroom cabinet. Oh the stories to be told!

“What did I do with that checkbook?” whispers the dump-bin, snuggled against the mirror in the foyer.

“Why can’t I find my glasses?” thought the pair resting on the sea of hair.

“Where’s the phone?” laughed Jack, knowing he’s now free.

“ Where on earth is that newspaper? ” grumbled the table, burdened by the weight of the mess.

“Where are my marbles”…..

…. said nobody… because nobody’s home



Published for today’s Word of the Day Challenge

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