Hot “Prime Now” Shopping

The first thing you must know about “Prime Now”, you need an Amazon Prime membership! If you don’t have one, I hope to encourage you to change that.

Benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership:

  1. unlimited photo storage
  2. Prime Reading through Kindle
  3. Exclusive sales/perks
  4. Alexis Voice Shopping
  5. Whole Foods Groceries
  6. Prime Originals Access
  7. Millions of songs in Amazon Music
  8. Amazon Gaming
  9. Prime Video
  10. Free Delivery on tons of products
  11. Free SAME DAY delivery
  12. Gain access to merch on same day release
  13. 2 Day Delivery on Perscriptions

The benefits change the way you shop online!! Today, I wanted to highlight the Free Same Day Delivery!!

There’s a lengthy list of products you can buy AND receive today! Tomorrow, again… there will be items in this category! The best parts:


You don’t have to “people”!!

Here’s an Awesome Amazon Pick

Latest version Amazon Paperweight 📱

Check out this convenient feature within your new Prime Membership Account 😀

4 thoughts on “Hot “Prime Now” Shopping

  1. And yet I still shop at stores because I’m an old person, and these days I don’t get out much. Tbh I don’t use Amazon but my husband does. I didn’t know there were so many perks to having an Amazon Prime membership!

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