National Kindness Day 2022 {Date Correction Feb 17th}

Will you participate? Of course kindness is available for use ANY time of any day… But this February 22nd… After all the havic Corona brought us… Would you please intentionally join in this wonderful holiday?

We ALL need that little extra touch of grace.. We ALL could use that human contact of a simple but genuine hug. The smallest gestures make the greatest impacts!

I sure hope you’ll consider joining me!

Much love always!


10 thoughts on “National Kindness Day 2022 {Date Correction Feb 17th}

  1. I try to do at least one thing for someone just because everyday. Sometimes it’s a simple compliment others it’s buying for the car behind me. Of course, the motivation of feeling like a good human and that my good karma outweighs my bad is the selfish part. Even so, I like to think that it can change someone’s otherwise mediocre day as much as it does my own. ☮️❤️😊~M

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