My Mental Health Journey #24: And Sometimes I’m not Ok

Why is everything so complicated? I’ve asked myself that quite a few times this week. In December, I decided Patience was going to be my word for 2022… Thus far, life has generously tested mine.

The desire to work an online store, but have the inventory ship from it’s original location, sounds like a great job…. I thought it was an opportunity to learn a few new skills, but obtainable within a few weeks. That’s not my case… At all.

I’ve spent so much time reading descriptions, trying various host sites, changing themes, personalizing options, spending what I felt was direct investment into my work, watching tutorials and such.

I’m feeling greatly defeated tonight. The mistake I made this week was huge. It was embarrassing. The individual to whom I confided in, naturally reminded me of the mental mess he always puts me in; and, I’m still without an official store.

In addition to the hurdles with my work, the weather here in Ohio has been so ugly. Last week, most days were frigid cold, wind chills below 0. The daytime temperatures were below 20. That’s hard on someone trying to stay positive and remain motivated to tackle more mubble jumble about drop shipping.

I’m not giving up. I know something brand new will be filled with many attempt.. and the answers will come. It’ll all fall together as does everything in life.

Right now, I’m just depressed! This glorious idea is so difficult, when, it doesn’t need to be. Without trusted advisors, or those whom can guide you, the road to victory is a rugged and uncharted path. It’s lonely but, more so, scary.

My transparency is what I owe you readers 🕯️

Stay Safe and Warm 🕯️

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