Good morning ☕️ Hope you’ve all been well, and have kept safe/warm. Here’s alittle something to get you up and excited<3

At the end of last year, I participated in the 25 days of Blogmas. While doing so, I used many hyperlinks to direct you sites of which information was used in my posts. This “affiliating” encouraged me to begin a “store” here on Know Your Worth; Own Your Life. I’m using the Amazon Affiliated Program to bring you a positive and self care enjoyable experience.

Self Care is essential to healing, thus becoming the best version of ourselves. Though most of us push it aside, or don’t practice it at all, it’s going to be emphasized 2022! Spending money for a spa basket or a colorful box of bath bombs isn’t selfish. It’s essential! Investing into your mental health provides you with endorphines that allows you to “feel good”. It’s the same result that people go in search of should they drink all night, or smoke some form of drug. This spending simply eliminates the hangover.. or potential risk of death…

The store is called The Self-Care Atelier 😀

Atelier is pronouced uh·teh·lee·ay! Here’s a video to listen to the pronunciation.

There will be lots of highlighted products through my “campsite” link; however, I’ll also post general search links, as well as specific image links.


PLEASE SEND ME THIS FORM IF YOU’RE ATTENDING:D IT’S HERE ON WORDPRESS. (You don’t HAVE to RSVP! I just wanted to feel important and professional so I included this form😂😂)

Holy Moly, my kids have been home for 2 days; I can’t focus. I’ve been trying to finish and publish this for 2 hours (at least)!!

Thanks for all your love and support! I hope this year has been good to you!

Remember to stay safe, speak life, and spread kindness~

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