The Day of Rest

When I think of Sundays, I remember the bitter resentment I felt towards my mother who raised me. As the Bible teaches, Sundays are suppose to be the Day of Rest. Whatever it’s suppose to look like, my Sundays were far from it. We did chores, housecleaning, and all the homework on Sundays. Initially, my siblings and I alternated our chores every other week. Eventually, the routine became alternated days. One day a week, we’d do ALL the chores.. Socks… Dishes… Help in the kitchen… Clean the bathroom… Fold all the loads of laundry… Burn the trash, clean room, study for the texts for the week… For a family of 10.. While we worked..and attended school.. I was assigned to Sunday.

I felt it was personal.. a deliberate choice to be kniving and spiteful. Now that I’m older, I’m thankful for the ability to make my changes if/when necessary.

I’m thankful I recognize the value of rest. I discovered this image on Pinterest. It introduced me to the truth that 7 kinds of rest ARE needed.. I hope this encouraged you to take some personal time today. You deserve it.

Rest allows us to slow down and restore our minds, bodies, and spirits to a place of sustainability and control. I know it seems the opposite is more true when we attempt to rest. However, with repeated practice, we welcome it, as we’re meant to feel.

Here’s to Sundays. Enjoy it in all it’s glory!

With love, light, and best wishes:

7 thoughts on “The Day of Rest

  1. I was thinking about my mom while washing dishes this morning. Other than cleaning after cooking a meal, we did rest and relax on Sundays. But this weekend, yes, even on the holiday tomorrow, I am working. At first I was bummed, then resentful. But now, I am grateful, because I haven’t had to work weekends in YEARS! I will enjoy any I am off in the future more fully too. ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. I think it’s perfectly healthy for us to accept and acknowledge what we feel. I think it’s amazing to recognize that negivity doesn’t serve us and to change that attitude. I’m proud of you!

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