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Exercises to Help with Self Care For Stress


Disclaimer: Always ask your doctor before implementing a new exercise plan. If none of the strategies listed in this article help you, please contact…

Exercises to Help with Self Care For Stress
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Affirmative 🌺 #5

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” I am no longer going to live in fear, speak negatively about myself and others, blame myself for past mistakes, downplay my abilities and talents, cheat myself, lie to myself, live in denial, and feel guilty for things that are not my fault. I will not procrastinate, worry about things I have no control over, and suffocate my feelings and emotions. I will not put roadblocks in my path, make excuses, put myself down, fail to try, allow others to decide for me, lack accountability, and spew negativity out into the vibration of energy connected to my life. I will not sit in pity, expect nothing to change, and blame others for my choices. Instead, I am going to love myself, first! I’m going to give myself unconditional love, mercy, grace, and respect … Because I deserve it. ”

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originally posted : 10/31/18

reposted: 01/31/2022

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The Price for Loving is Loss💔

Taken from her Grandson, Matt’s InstaStory

Words seem so feeble

in moments like these.

Life is so precious,

and death such a thief.

The depths of your pain

I cannot comprehend,

but I’ll stand alongside you

in the darkness, my friend.

Love is a bond

that death cannot part.

Gone from your arms,

but still held in your heart.

By John Mark Green

Sweet Grandma GB,

I’ve cried all sorts of tears with you, these past 24 months. None have felt so heavy with despair, than these ones right now, .. these that I’m crying alone. You changed so many lives. You saved so many souls. You were light and a complete joy to everyone on TikTok! I know my heart is so very sad. I never wanted this day to come. May you dance in all your badassery on those golden streets. Wear your very favorite pair of shades.

I love you GB,


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My Mental Health Journey #24: And Sometimes I’m not Ok

Why is everything so complicated? I’ve asked myself that quite a few times this week. In December, I decided Patience was going to be my word for 2022… Thus far, life has generously tested mine.

The desire to work an online store, but have the inventory ship from it’s original location, sounds like a great job…. I thought it was an opportunity to learn a few new skills, but obtainable within a few weeks. That’s not my case… At all.

I’ve spent so much time reading descriptions, trying various host sites, changing themes, personalizing options, spending what I felt was direct investment into my work, watching tutorials and such.

I’m feeling greatly defeated tonight. The mistake I made this week was huge. It was embarrassing. The individual to whom I confided in, naturally reminded me of the mental mess he always puts me in; and, I’m still without an official store.

In addition to the hurdles with my work, the weather here in Ohio has been so ugly. Last week, most days were frigid cold, wind chills below 0. The daytime temperatures were below 20. That’s hard on someone trying to stay positive and remain motivated to tackle more mubble jumble about drop shipping.

I’m not giving up. I know something brand new will be filled with many attempt.. and the answers will come. It’ll all fall together as does everything in life.

Right now, I’m just depressed! This glorious idea is so difficult, when, it doesn’t need to be. Without trusted advisors, or those whom can guide you, the road to victory is a rugged and uncharted path. It’s lonely but, more so, scary.

My transparency is what I owe you readers 🕯️

Stay Safe and Warm 🕯️

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Bridge: Important Update on This Post!

This situation is in need of prayer!

Bringing people

To roads that

Intentionally change

Their life’s direction,

Gifting them both;

Endings & new beginnings.

I am in love with the life a bridge brings to an area! Each one has it’s own character; but, some are epically magical! Just wanted to share their magestic nature, tonight.

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Ship Goals 💙

I can’t begin to emphasize the value of this simple phrase. Every single relationship needs this in order to grow!

Unfortunately, so many of us don’t have it!! If you are anything like me, you’ve delt with this frustrating lack of acknowledgement.

What do I mean? How is acknowledgment involved in the confrontation process? I would express my thoughts; and, it would fall on deaf ears. They might have heard me…;but, their minds were busy planning their defense. They were formulating their version of what happened.. righteously, justifying how their behavior wasn’t wrong.. They were doing everything but LISTENING TO me.

Is it their fault? YES…. HOWEVER, Here’s my thoughts! When one feels a need to defend him/herself, it’s due to behavior stemmed from ridicule as a child. They received little to no acknowledgement of their thoughts and opinions from the adults in their lives. They grew up without acceptance. They didn’t have conversations where they felt heard. They might not even understand that all of this is ” a thing”.. An important component to maturity and adulthood.

Sadly, that vicious cycle continues as long as we let it.

Today, I’m going to try and brake that chain.

FIRST: Your feelings matter.

AND {here’s the tough part} the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of those in your life.. matter too. Regardless of how YOU feel about THEIRS, they are valid.. And they are real to them.

So what is the answer? Maybe give this a try.

The first step to reconciliation is actively listen.

1. Repeat what you heard the other person say.


2. Verbalize that you acknowledge and hear what he/she has said.

3. Then, decide on a resolution that works for the both of you.

Respect.. Communication.. Acknowledgement… Acceptance… These elements develope through healthy childhoods. They develop through practice. patience… And love…You’d also be surprised with how quickly a situation diffuses once someone feels heard.

I can tell you, it took me a great deal of my adult life to feel comfortable with confrontation. I would always run (literally!!) from it… Every day is a chance to do better. Every second is a choice to be better.

So when someone tells you how they feel, listen, accept, and acknowledge it. It’s real to him or her. Respect that.. And try to find a solution so it doesn’t keep happening.

Here’s to a healthier year 🙂

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Brag on Yourself Blog

Let’s hear it…

I want you to brag so hard about yourself, that you leave absolutely nothing unsaid.

This past 18 months or so have been so difficult; but, we’ve made it!

Tell me your wins. Tell me about your growth. Tell me about the time when you felt defeated but then what? Tell me every victory you’ve faced.. And every challenge you smashed.

Spend intentional time focusing on you and your GOOD 🙏🏼

Share with me ❤️

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New Day, New Chance

Today’s brand new. When you take a moment to really think about that, do you understand?

A change happens in a second.

That’s all it takes.

Sometimes, it’s an involuntarily change.

Covid has taught us to never forget our mortality.

In the same respect, our human species has adapted to change over and over again.

Adaptation is a gift, a means of survival. We’ve had the answer all along.

Some of us recognized that truth.

I’m here to bring the light to everyone else.

When a new chance comes, you’re meant to take it.

You’re meant to change, even when it seems impossible.

You’re meant to choose something different, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

In the new day, new chances will come; and, you’ll adapt into your new routine..

Until the next opportunity presents itself, when, once again, you’ll become an even better version of yourself.

Have faith in the process 🙏🏼❤️