Blogmas Day 21🎄⛪️🎄

Something many individuals enjoy, myself included, is doing puzzles! I remember my family having a huge 1100 (or maybe it was 5000? My memory stinks sometimes lol) piece puzzle sprawled out on the table. This activity is wonderful if you need to get out of your head, spend time with family, or no reason at all:)

If this is something you’ll like to try, here’s some to get you started.

5 🎄Christmas 🧩 Puzzles

1. Thomas Kinkade’s A Christmas Wish [If you haven’t heard of him, please look him up. His art is amazing!! I had the privilege of seeing his art display in Gatlinburg, Tennessee] Price: $11.99

2. Snow Night Aurora is breathtaking! It perfectly reflects the magic of Christmas. Price: Roughly $23

Photo Credit Here

3. Another great choice from the Ceaco Store, on Amazon, is Santa’s Workshop (Holiday?). This beauty is a collection of 2000 pieces. [May I mention, it’s another Thomas Kinkade piece] Price $21-$23 Amazon is the cheapest retailer.

4. This one is priceless! Absolutely delightful! It’s Herrschers Christmas Doggy Selfie! It’s a quicker puzzle, with only 550 pieces. Price: $20

Photo Credit Here

5. Here’s Santa Express Christmas Train Gift Delivery It’s so pretty! It’s, also, only 100 pieces; kids can help with this one:) It’s also only $10

Photo Credit Here

There you have it:) Many great choices to get you started. Whichever you decide, the fun is what’s most important.

I’m going to return to my digital puzzle:) Have a wonderful Sunday!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness ❤️

Nova Namastè

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