Blogmas Day 18πŸŽ„β›ͺπŸŽ„

Time changes everything; but, is that so bad?

Today, I realized how much things change.

Zivah’s is top left in the blue and lime green sweater.

My daughters’ had their school Christmas concert.. 18 years after I graduated ( say what?????)

4 Major Difference with School Performances

1. Masks!!! OMG! Years ago, when people were SIGNIFICANTLY more intuned with nature’s way of operating, this government didn’t mandate such nonsense. No one “feared” standing next to a stranger who wasn’t wearing a mask.

2. Attire!! Every Christmas Concert required students to be in their dressed up best! I HATED it; but, we all look dashing! Today, kids were literally dressed from nice sweaters to tees and baggy jeans. I’m not sure why I expected the teacher to require a bit more dressy.

3. Recording!! Cell phones popped up like Sunflowers in Summer!! Crazy! I’m included! We use phones to capture moments in time, banking on Icloud or some other digital app to “store” them. I remember when I was young, my mom had one of those big Camcorders that sat on your shoulder. You recorded on VCR tapes!!

4. Concert Setting!! As you can see, the decorations in my video is made of paper… White paper… Simple snow flakes and paper chains. The stage was probably 100 yards from the bleachers. We sat on bleachers!! When I was young, nearly every school had an “auditorium”. The room would be decorated so pretty.

With Love and Light Always πŸ’—

Nova Namastè

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