Morning ❤️

Good morning ☕️ Good afternoon 🌟 Good Evening 😀

Wherever you are {most of my viewers are from the United States, United Kingdom, and the India }, I’m sending you wished of peace and joy today. I understand those are hard to find.. so here’s my attempt to be them❤️

Christmas trees are breathtaking aren’t they? I absolutely love the difference among them. Some have a color scheme, others are glistening with ribbons and that grassy stuff ( lol!) Growing up, my family had a live tree. We had it stand for about a week. Then, as a family, we’d decorate it. Ornaments of years past covered the fresh pine. Stories about what happened or who made it were told and retold.

The holiday will always be how you remember feeling 💗 Be gentle with yourself. Smile at a stranger, hold a door open, feed the deer, stop long enough to capture the essence of Christmas.

If you’re not of any religious faith, you’re still allowed to take a few minutes and enjoy the brightly lit porches, fluffy falling snow, the ice skaters, or the music.

Much love and prayers for your day,

Nova Namastè

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