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RIP Betty White

From YourTango Betty White 98th BDAY


To the Lady We all Expected to Live Forever:

Fly High & make the heavens laugh ~

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Here’s What to Expect

I’m so excited to have made it to day #365 of 2021!

I’ve been blessed, beyond imagine & comprehension.

As the day falls into evening, here in the Eastern Standard Time of United States, I want to share what’s to come for ” Know Your Worth; Own Your Life “. These are a few options you might see on certain days.

Sundays: One-Word-Sunday, Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge, Song Lyric Sunday,

Mondays: Money Mondays, Aawww Mondays

Tuesdays: Professional information about Mental Health, Psychology, exc.

Wednesdays: Wednesday’s Wisdom, Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge,

Thursdays: Throwback Thursday, Rewind Thursday, Eugi’s Weekly Prompt,

Fridays: #FridayImInLove, Friday Fictioneers, Feel Good Friday. First Line Fridays, Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Saturdays: Affirmation Goals, Six Word Saturday,

As of four days ago, my goal was to consistently blog, every day. I wanted to make sure I got better with repeating challenges.

I heard from my daughters’ school; they’re returning to remote learning once school resumes next Tuesday. I’m not sure how or if I’ll be able to blog as much as anticipated; but, I’m going to do my best.

With Love and Light,

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For Those Who Need This❤️

I know someone needs to hear this. I feel this coming to me, as if someone is feeling it. The stronger the feeling, I usually sense another’s experience. I have had my own losses; but, this is something much deeper.

Please let yourself feel all of this, in all the validity that you have.

Warm Hugs!

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Throwback Thursday: Reblog

2018 ~ I should have listened ~

Taken from Promptuarium

I should have listened to my friends,

When they said, “That’s not a good idea.”

I should have listened when they said,

“It’s getting really late.”

I should have listened to my friends,

When they said, ” He’s just playing you.

Making you his hourly rate.”

I should have listened to my friends,

When I walked into that house,

When he handed me that cup.

I should have listened to my friends,

Instead of fuckin up.

My friends didn’t know I went,

My friends didn’t pour me that drink,

My friends didn’t see the pop “drop”,

Couldn’t carry me when I couldn’t think.

You see,

If I listened to my friends,

I would’ve stayed home, safe,

I would’ve remembered that night,

Instead of questioning rape.

If I listened to my friends,

I wouldn’t wake up


Terrified, Living

fight or flight.

I wouldn’t be carrying this baby,

Scared and physically ill.

I would understand intuitive

Voices, and

Respected my free will.


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Mission Compassion

A new year is right around the corner. If ever before, right now, all of us need to know….. Need to hear we have someone in our corner. Here’s a few details to keep in mind.

#1. No one can ever hear that too much!

#2. Mean it when you say it!

#3. Remember consistency of following through with said words builds trust.

#4. Trust is gold!

#5. Everyone needs to trust at least one person really IS in his/her corner..

When 2022 hits, choose what kind of energy you want to contribute to this world. If each of us focuses on being a better friend, we’ll all HAVE a better friend, starting with us as our own 1st friend.

We’re better together ❤️❤️

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Wednesday’s Wisdom

I saw this on Pinterest! It’s real facts!!

I’ll wait.. because I know this is going to stop you for a few minutes.

You ready????

Are you??


Like so right!!!

I hope this sunk in for you. I pray it stays with you, always. Remind yourself of this, every moment you begin to feel your self esteem diminish. You are right now, and not where you use to be.

That’s progress! That’s amazing! That’s success.

Be proud of you for it! I’m proud of you ❤️

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

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In an instant, all that hurts, rises in her.

Sneaking into her mind, building those

Huge unmistakable tears, deep within the

Soul of her breathtaking eyes.

Yet again, her anger streams the length of her face.

How does this happen?

Why does it keep happening?

What a tragedy to feel everything so deeply.

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WOTDC: Bubbly

This word makes me laugh. A vivacious, tenacious, and bubbly character appears to run parallel with the Type A personality. Though this is often true, these traits can also suit the Type B personality.

Recently, my favorite Netflix series has become Emily in Paris!

She’s incredibly bubbly!! I’ve watched in inspiration by her confidence in her decisions. Whether her move, start with a new company, convictions, or outfit, she shows little insecurity.

The Type B personality is mine. I’m faulty quiet, kind, and shadowed by the A’s around me. I doubt myself sometimes, and second guess if I made the right decision.. If you’re lucky, though, you’ll be see the rare side to who I am. I’m just as forward with seeking what I want, voicing my needs, and standing up for myself.

As I’ve said, though one seems to better fit a bubbly individual, both have spaces for such a person in it’s category.

This was written for the Word of the Day Challenge. By clicking on the hyperlink, you’ll be taken to the original post.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

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Science + Spirituality

Read the entire article from Health and Spirit

What I love about myself the most, is my infinite belief in what’s beyond possible and already discovered. Faith has brought me out of dark places that I never thought I’d be in. With time, faith, belief in the science and counting on the best results.. I’ve seen examples of breathless dances between the spiritual world and what Science supports.

I feel so much ❤️ It’d be entirely too small for me to limit my belief to only what I know and understand.

I hope you read this with an opened mind. I hope you open yourself up in all ways that allow light into your world.. And shows you beauty in new discoveries!

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Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 💗