The Ebb & Flow

Autumn seems to have settled breathlessly on the northern part of the United States. These past few weeks, the luscious colors of burgundy, yellow, red, and orange popped from what was once green foliage. We have had days of rain, and overcast clouds. The season failed not to include all it’s wanderlust magic.

Now that we’re inching closer to December, the roads carry the burden of fallen leaves. The trees grow bare; and, the temperatures continue to drop. Time has arrived in Holiday Season.

Halloween is so exciting for most little kids. I have to say, it’s a favorite for many adults, too. Maybe it’s the scare or endless sugar rush that tickles our fancy. Maybe it’s the dressing up, being someone else for a few hours. It could be the excitement of seeing the neighborhood kids, dressed as their favorite characters.

There’s so much I love about change. There’s so much I love about the holiday season.. but, it’s also hard.

The sun less frequents the days. The temperatures cause us to remain inside. The children drive us crazy… the holidays are unities of families.

Many of us don’t have a family in which to gather and celebrate. Sometimes, it’s due to the inability to travel.. and sometimes, the family has passed on. For the ones that remain, the complexity of family dynamics often creates turmoil.. all the otherness than what the holidays represent.

This year, I’m feeling the significant waves of the ebb and flow season. I’m sensing when the tide goes out, and I can feel the warmth of the sun. I see the necessity of my choice. I feel the happiness that I was honest with myself..

Just as quickly as the tide rolls out, it’s thundering waves come crashing in on me.. soaking the shoreline of my being. Habits and normality take time. To create new is so uncomfortable. My brain questions why I continue to hurt myself.

Things will change again. That’s absolutely certain. I’ll try to keep focused and moving forward. The ebbs go with the flow.. ups and downs.. good and bad. We need them all.

These two necklaces are a Christmas gift to myself this year. I need something to remind me, when I lose sight of shore.

You might be going through something tough too. Odds are, most of you are dealing with something. I hope this the reassurance that all things will pass embeds some hope into your spirit. I’ll be ok. You’re going to be ok. Maybe not right now, or every minute.. but we will.. and we’ll do this together.

Good Night Sweet People!

Nova Namastè

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