About Relationships

These are SO HARD 👀 Right? Yes, I’ll say it for all of us. If you don’t think so, please grace me with your knowledge. A relationship is a two way street, with lots of love, trust, communication, forgiveness, patience, acceptance, listening, honesty, respect, trying, and more.

Unforgettable friendships are such a blessing! These are the ones that ride or die with you. These are the ones that laugh with you when the night before was so embarrassing. These are the ones who pray with you or sit with you as you cry. These connections are the foundation when your world is complete and utter chaos.

Sadly, all to often, this one relationship we count on forever… begins to weaken. Communication stops. Distance wedges it’s way in between both (or all) parties. Growing up can mean growing apart. It’s ok.

In many other cases, the scenario is beyond messy. It’s deadly. It’s life consuming and dangerous.

Tonight, I wanted to speak to you particular individuals. I want to encourage you with these messages.

Your voice is your power ❤️ Always! If you’re in a situation that feels less than empowering and supportive, it’s time to leave. I’m not saying quit. I’m saying there is a limit to which you tolerate less than. That’s your choice. That’s yours to change. You ARE capable of what’s necessary. I’m saying you matter too. I’m saying it’s time to give all of yourself to yourself.

I’m sending you all positive vibes and love. I’ll listen if you need an ear. We’re all going through this crazy life together.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

19 thoughts on “About Relationships

  1. Thanks for sharing Nova, great advice. Relationships are so fundamental in our human life…yet they can be so complex and difficult to understand.
    I particularly can resonate with your points about communications being a two way street and taking care of one’s own feelings and be empowered with choice.

    For me, it is also about learning to see others like how we would see ourselves, then we will be gentle with them just as we wish to be gentle with ourselves.

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    1. I’m just seeing your connect ❤️❤️ I appreciate your love and support, more than you can imagine. I’m thankful I was able to write something that resonates with my readers💚🙏🏼

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