Happy Autumn!!

These are some images I colored on my favorite app. They truly make my heart smile! So far, the kids and I have decorated alittle for Halloween, bought some mums, and enjoyed caramel covered apples. I’m really trying to be present in more experiences with them. That’s really important to me.

Do you have an Fall traditions? Do you bake more this time of year? Share with me some of your favorite memories of Autumn.

Until next time, take time to spread kindness! It might be just what they need.

Love & Light to you Always ✨

Nova Namastè

8 thoughts on “Happy Autumn!!

  1. I like watching the fall foliage, and once in a while I’ll get a pumpkin spiced latte. Every October I watch horror movies and listen to Halloween music. But I really love inhaling cold autumn air through my nose, especially at night. It’s really soothing, and you can tell when it’s just perfect.

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    1. I love how simple that is; but, how much you love it. One can tell just by reading your comment. I don’t know that I’ve paid that much attention to the difference in the air once the weather sets into Fall. Does this occur randomly or consistently during a time of the day? Outside near nature? Please do tell.

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      1. Cupcakes usually, though we had a tradition of pumpkin pancakes in November (with my mom too when she was still around). I also made β€œcreatures.” Very simple. Melt chocolate. Dump in crunchy Chinese noodles (from the can). Form into blobs on wax paper. Decorate each with 2 round red hots or 2 M&Ms for β€œeyes.” Refrigerate for a few hours. Tah-dah!

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