#WDYS #99:

Photo Credit: Kendrick Mills on Unsplash

The darkness had become patches of light. It was the significant change within the last five miles.

On occasion, a warm yet comfortable breeze graced my skin. I thought I knew where they had taken me; but, I wasn’t entirely sure.

The smell of fish turned my stomach. It always had that effect on me. I’m allergic to it, I found out.

“Wha’ was that noise” a voice croaked. It caught me by surprise. Unfortunately, too suddenly for me to use it for my rescue.

“ Don’t make a sound ye fool. The beauty will hear ya!” a second angrily followed.

These “men” (and I questioned that choice of wording as it crossed my mind!) were only amateurs in the sport! Even with the disadvantage of blindness, I knew I could outsmart the enemy.

(oooff) I went down in the most gracefully awkward fashion, landing with my legs thrown off to the side. My torso slump over my knees; and, I face planted in the sand.

Their careless concern for my inability to see intensified my anxiety.

“CCHHHAAARRRLLLIIIEEEEE!!! Get down here right now and eat breakfast!!! You’re going to miss the bus!”

Charlie grumbled under his breathe. Tonight, he would come out victorious! That is, after he finished his nighttime chores and homework.

Lesson: Charlie’s imagination is unstoppable! His quiet nature hides the humor and wit of his character. You just can’t judge a book by its cover.

This was written for the What Do You See Challenge. All the details can be found right here.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Be Blessed!

Nova Namastè

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