Do You Hear What I Hear?πŸ’œ

In all the calamity of this world, I wanted to create this space for you to receive and remember good things. These very truths apply to all of you. It’s the things that we should hear, above most else. May the fall upon receiving palms.

🍁 I’m grateful for you.

πŸƒ I’m blessed by your presence.

πŸ‚ We might have different views; but, I still respect you.

🌿 Your thoughts and emotions matter.

🍁 What you do matters.

πŸƒ Your best is enough.

πŸ‚ You are loved and loveable.

🌿 You are deserving of all great things.

🍁When YOU decide…is when everything/anything changes..

πŸƒ Only you decide for your life (unless you’re under age.)

πŸ‚ Very little is going to go according to your plan; but, it’s OK. I promise.

🌿 Your mistake isn’t equivalent to failure.

🍁 Your try is always better than not at all.

πŸƒ I believe in you.

πŸ‚ You are able.

🌿 Eventually, change will become what feels “normal”. Give it a chance.

🍁 Allow yourself to be.. You’ll be ok! I promise.

πŸƒ Your illnesses are not your identity.

πŸ‚ In your journey, celebrate every win!

🌿 Look for the good in everything. It’s there. I promise.

🍁 Give yourself forgiveness and grace.

πŸƒ You’re making a difference in this world.

πŸ‚ You are special, talented, and wonderful.

🌿 Your heart can heal!

🍁 You can have healthy friendships.

πŸƒ Love yourself more than anyone else in your life.

πŸ‚ Your choices do make a difference.

🌿 I’m proud of you.

🍁 You are strong.

πŸ’š It’s ok to feel down & out. I just can’t you camp out there. {πŸŽƒYou shouldn’t either}

Have a fabulous weekend!

🍁Remember all that’s good and wonderful in your life begins within you. You are equipped with what’s necessary to make that obvious. You just have to grab a hold of it and run.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness πŸƒ

Nova Namastè

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