Holding On But Letting Go

Dear Ones:

Do you know that feeling when you love something so much, it hurts? It’s only with life experience that we can possibly understand what it means.

We love a sport even when our feet hurt and our body aches. We love food until even though our cholesterol is really not good. We love night clubs though we’re hung over in the morning. We love so damn much… and nearly EVERYTHING on that list.. will hurt..

The secret to life is, though, is that we can hold on the memories of all that we love.. without holding on to the pain. We can keep with the good parts about that/those moment (s) without holding ourselves back in their suffering.

There will always be something new to love. There will always be pain because you love it so hard.. but, growth brings you through it. It challenges you. It screams at you when you want to give up. It reminds you why you started. It brings you to the place where you’re meant to do something differently.

So hold on to the memories. Smile when you think back to the wins in life. It’s ok to do that. Leave your suffering at the end of that every chapter. You’re moving on to the next ones; and, it needs all of you to write it in epic fashion!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

7 thoughts on “Holding On But Letting Go

  1. I totally agree that parental love isn’t toxic (unless it falls into obsession/addiction as you mentioned) and I can see that parents can love their kids so much it hurts — that must be a unique feeling to experience! The love-turning-to-toxicity I went through when I was younger (in my 20s) taught me that I can love certain people but they’re problematic and I needed to let them go. It’s certainly interesting to go through this growth, as you described so well, and that we can hold onto the (better) memories but not the pain. I think that’s such a useful life lesson!

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    1. I agree🙏🏼💙 It’s not easy or comfortable but growth usually isn’t! I’m so proud of you for working through your pain and making/establishing boundaries necessary for your mental health! Much love!

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  2. This was so interesting to read as I think letting go of something you love isn’t talked about very much. Growth can be painful and scary, it’s not always the beautifully serene part of our lives that we often associate it with. I don’t think I love anything in my life so much that it becomes toxic at the moment but it was definitely present in my life when I was younger. Really thoughtful post — thank you for sharing!

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    1. In retrospect, parents usually love their kids so much it hurts. It’s the loving that makes it hurt… not toxic. That’s more obsession/addiction.. in my opinion. Thank you for taking time to read and share🙏🏼❤️


  3. I can relate so much to this, I had to let go of something I truly loved just before 2021 began as it really wasn’t healthy for my well-being and its been a long road to take each and everyday especially with things that have been happening recently but I know I will heal from it all eventually.

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