5Things Tuesday: Favorite Feelings

Salted Caramel hosts this weekly challenge. It’s quite unique. Here’s the details of this week’s post.

1. Faith: The tiniest morsal of “possibly” has the power to make any possible. It’s a light that has never burned out on me.

2. Laughing: Whether my own, a dry humor comedian, or that of a child… this feeling is food for my soul. I enjoy it for all that it is; for all that it can do.

3. Clarity: I don’t do well with confusion. I’ve learned that about myself. When something doesn’t make sense (don’t confuse this with unacceptance), I can’t feel peace. I don’t have closure. I don’t have an answer.

4. Frisky: One of my greatest gifts is my ability to feel everything so deeply. In my life, the moments when I can be a woman, engage in adult behavior, it feels amazing. Being Demisexual, I need that emotional connection in order to feel attracted. This combination isn’t the empty words and perverted ideas of this world… It’s sacred and amazing.

5. Full: Full?? Of?? Lol no… Full! Full of food. The feeling of a pleasant satisfaction after all the blissful and tasty food. I’m an INFJ; and, we have “hangry” as a second personality. It’s not pretty.. And it’s not comfortable… After a meal..of any kind, I’m more human and it feels purdy guud!

So what feelings do you love? What makes them special to be in the top 5? Looking forward to reading!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastรจ

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