“Ten Minutes!!!”

Today, God showed me the evidence of evil in this world. He reminded me how much this world is a balance of all that’s so good, with all that’s not. He showed me how much I need to practice this mantra “This is a bad moment, not a bad day!” He also allowed me to buy “buckeyes” (I hope most of you know what those are!” Without any guilt!!

The situation went from all the glory of this beautiful Red Tail Halk, to some upset lady yelling at me because I choose to walk cemeteries, sometimes, here rather than streets. I take my kids with me because cemeteries aren’t usually full of ignorant people who don’t understand kids. Her issue was my kids were all over the road. They reminded me that, “Maybe you should pay more attention next time”🙄🙄🙄 .

Little people never ride single file… they swerve and sway… regardless of on a bike, scooter, feet, whatever!! She was upset because she was “ following behind us for 10 MINUETS!!!!!” The distance from the Halk to her over dramatic long car horn honk…was less than 4 mins… on foot!

So yeah… for a min… she got to me. I kept trying to remind myself that her behavior leads to her karma. Mine will result in my own karma… so I need to keep my anger checked. Maybe next time, I’ll make up some “sign language of my own” to portray my poor hearing.

Other than her, we had an amazing afternoon with sun, and low humidity, sweets, new sites, and a few laughs.

This made up for Ms Hates Her Life

Safe Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè

7 thoughts on ““Ten Minutes!!!”

  1. One of my favorite places to walk is the cemetery! No kids walk in a straight line – she was just a cranky woman and it had nothing to do with you. xoxo

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