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Weekend Writing Prompt: Marshal

Hey ya’ll, this weekend repeated challenge is hosted by Ms Sammi Cox. You can find the original post here.

The tragic events of September 11th confused the entire school. Ms Clark, an articulate extrovert, who never struggled with marshaling her thoughts, sat staring. Some students held others, while some eccalated quickly into a mess of panic and hyperventilating. Quickly, word spread as to who’s parents and family/friends were in the towers.. or responding to aid.

{This is a little bit longer than 39 words but I had a complete thought.}

Nova Namastè

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Flower of the Day: Dahlia

Happy Sunday🌸🙏🏼 {or Monday/Tuesday} I hope you have/had a great start to your week. Remember that you’re worth effort, time, and love! All the challenge details are 🌸 🔙 here.

I’m putting together a jigsaw puzzle of Dahlias. I’m update this post when I’ve completed it.

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

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Light in the World

Here’s a few stories that will bring a smile to your face ❤️ Is your heart not in need of a break from the horror and grief in the world?

Accentuate the Positive with #Positivity 💚🌸 Focusing on the good, Moshe Popack is determined to encourage healthier and happier future. He’s has started this movement with happy little Newsletter.

Join all of us, myself included, in making an intentional and deliberate change. It’s one simple choice. It’s one small act of kindness. It’s stepping out in Faith… Believing in the process.

This second highlight is one of an extraordinarily five year old boy. He decided to hike 2,100 in 209 days! With alittle bit of extra imagination, Josh and Cassie Sutton kept their Heroic Harvey on track!!

His dedication, discipline, and diligence is inspiring! You can read about this “Little Man” here😀

I’ll continue to bring you stories that have touched my heart. The good IS still in this world; we have to choose to look for it.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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📖 The Hope

Some noise isn’t easy to dismiss. Some of it shouldn’t be dismissed. In Los Angeles, the noise of the streets is exceptionally disturbing. It’s heartbreaking; but, words of discussion doesn’t change it’s truth.

Skid Row brutally exposes the reality of struggle, unfortunate circumstances, and loss for countless human beings. Whatever series of events lead them to this place, they’re there; and, they need essentials to survive.

Plenty of adults lack the education of how their hurt impacts the future of their offspring. Where does the deadly cycle end? I suppose it’s when we all begin within ourselves to better understand. It might happen as we stop running from pain and discomfort. When we face what’s happened to us, the past starts to diminish.

Unfortunately, the past caught up those who live on Skid Row. I’m not saying childhood trauma is the only path that leads to homelessness. I’m saying a painful childhood greatly impacts adulthood, for all of us.. Thus resulting in some poor choices… even homelessness.

I understand decisions have consequences. I understand consequences require acknowledgement and accountability in order to be fruitful. I also know that we all are imperfect begins.

Two days ago, as I laid on my warm, queen size bed… I stumbled upon a new TV series… While surfing through my streaming device.. On my big flat screen.

The IMDBtv show is called The Tent Mender. The gentleman narrating the story is a heroin recovering addict. He chose to return to this place, where he got sober 15 years before. He needed the reminder. He was on the verge of relapsing.

Here’s the link to watch this incredible story!

You’ll meet remarkable individuals. You’ll see the kindness of humanity through loving acts of service. You’ll see the contribution of an answer to countless prayers: The Midnight Mission.

It’s incredibly humbling to watch. I hope you’ll take time to see for yourself.

Sometimes it’s easy to walk by because we know we can’t change someone’s whole life in a single afternoon. But what we fail to realize it that simple kindness can go a long way toward encouraging someone who is stuck in a desolate place.”

Mike Yankoski

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

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My Mental Health Journey #20: The Wave is More Than Literal

Unfortunately, our states are being covered by dangerous amounts of water. It’s that time of year, when the waters remind us of their power.

Right now, I feel these monstrous and threatening waves are flooding souls, too. I feel this shift in the universal connection, a “San Andreas Fault”, if you will. The effects are shaking foundations. The roads are bowing .. and fear is suffocating all faith and hope from people.

People are sliding backwards, screaming to be rescued… from Covid.. from the Delta Variant.. the government, vaccine, masks, and mandatory regulations. It’s scary, my heart is aching… The disparity right now is the pre-condition of the Winter Blues.

Even here, times are changing. It’s more prevalent right now.. and it doesn’t feel like it’s towards anything good.

I know in my own life, there’s secrets that I’ve not told anyone. My own voice is not happy.. content.. and I hate it.

I have a flood of crazy crap jumbled in my head. I have things I was to blog about for here. I have a million thoughts about my kids, both going to school this year. I have thoughts about EVERYTHING!

That said, I may not be on much for a while. I have both my kids starting school and so much else to consider. I hope you’ll read what I’ve posted this far. I hope it’s or it’ll be a space of safety and security for you. I hope you all stay well and do what’s mentally best for you!

Until Next Time,

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Wednesday Mental Health Check

Mindful is being emotionally, physically, and mentally in the moment. It’s allowing you to focus on what’s right now.

What do you smell?



Focus on where you’re sitting. In a chair at the office? On the porch, with coffee? Pay attention to your body and relax it comfortably.

Feel your feet flat on the ground/floor. What’s in your hands? What does this object, or the nearest object look like? Have you used it before? Is the texture rough or prickly?

How about the lighting where you are? Is it natural or solar powered? Is it electric powered? Does the light have bugs flying around it? Is the dawn coming up for the day? Is it the lamp shining through the window? Or the reflection rainbow from the stain glass decor hanging nearby?

This morning, try to sit in mindfulness for a minute of 10 minutes. Feel free to grab a pen and paper, to write down your experience. Try to shut the door to the last, close off the dark spiral hole you feel you’re in, and keep the future out of the moment.

I’d love it if you’d share how it went. This is totally optional.

Here’s a few videos that I hope nurtures a wonderful moment for you!

Music to play while you escape the sensation of the outer world and focus on the present .

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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Holding On But Letting Go

Dear Ones:

Do you know that feeling when you love something so much, it hurts? It’s only with life experience that we can possibly understand what it means.

We love a sport even when our feet hurt and our body aches. We love food until even though our cholesterol is really not good. We love night clubs though we’re hung over in the morning. We love so damn much… and nearly EVERYTHING on that list.. will hurt..

The secret to life is, though, is that we can hold on the memories of all that we love.. without holding on to the pain. We can keep with the good parts about that/those moment (s) without holding ourselves back in their suffering.

There will always be something new to love. There will always be pain because you love it so hard.. but, growth brings you through it. It challenges you. It screams at you when you want to give up. It reminds you why you started. It brings you to the place where you’re meant to do something differently.

So hold on to the memories. Smile when you think back to the wins in life. It’s ok to do that. Leave your suffering at the end of that every chapter. You’re moving on to the next ones; and, it needs all of you to write it in epic fashion!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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225-234th Day of 365 Thanks Giving

  1. Stillness
  2. Fans (white noise)
  3. Drinks in glass bottles
  4. Pleasant conversations with strangers
  5. Water paint
  6. Glade Pumkin plug-ins
  7. Proper uses of then & than
  8. New memories with my kids
  9. Beta testing
  10. American heroes

Did you know, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln roams the hallways of the White House? Tis true!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness.

Nova Namastè

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Feel Good Friday❤️

Every day, I intentionally seek out a way to leave a positive impact on someone’s life. I have the resources. I have the time.

Today, I want to spotlight this incredible human being!

💖💖Screenshot of his TikTok page💖💖

Bryan is an everyday guy, doing normal things. Fishing and working fills his days. Roughly 4-5 days ago, Brian received a powerful message from a boy, asking him to be his father.

The emotional tole has changed Bryan’s life.. because he went from “I can’t do this!” To smiling and stepping out in Faith.

This guy has touched my heart because his calling came to him; and rather than dodging it, he committed to it. He accepted this purpose and is now on the adventure of helping young in need.

In his personal time, he loves to fish! The link below is the Go Fund Me he’s set up to raise money for fishing adventures. Like a fishing trip and a few laughs could be all it takes for young people to feel renewed hope.

I’m posting this simply to bring awareness to the situation. Feel free to search Bryan on Tiktok or Instagram! You can also go through this link below and donate if you should feel led!

Extraordinary requires just a little bit “extra”. ❤️

Thanks for reading! Please reblog this if nothing else. I wholeheartedly believe in this cause and would greatly appreciate your contribution. Know that you’d be helping in changing lives for so many young youth!

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè (Brandy ❤️)

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Share with Us 💕 #2 [Everyone Welcome 2 Participate]

1. Have you ever jumped in rain puddles?

Free Photo Library Credit

2. Do you or do you not use a fork to twist your spaghetti on a spoon before putting it in your mouth?

Free Photo Library Credit

3. If you saw a reflection of your younger self in a mirror, what would you tell him/her?

Free Photo Library Credit

4. How would you describe the sky without using weather related words?

Free Photo Library Credit

5. Are you an organ donor? Have you ever received an organ transplant?

Free Photo Library Credit

6. Have you ever taken the punishment for someone? What happened and what was the punishment?

Free Photo Library Credit

7. Tell us something you’ve learned about a culture different from your own.

Free Photo Library Credit

8. Would you please tell me 5 sounds that you hear right now?

Free Photo Library Credit

These are this week’s questions 🌺 Feel free to answer any that you’d like.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

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Cee’s FOTD: Dahlia

You can find all the details of this challenge here 🙂

Fascinating Facts:

Hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness.

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May these words regularly, genuinely, & gracefully resonate in your heart. Feel them.. always! Become so familiar with the these truths that your mind KNOWS it can rest.. you’re safe in the space of your own words.

Wishing you the best day possible 🙏🏼🌼

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🌺

Nova Namastè