Why YOU matter💚

As I sat at the first traffic light of the day, I listened to Calandra describe (in length, these days!) what we were going to be doing. She’s growing by leaps and bounds, as is her sister.

As I listened, she continued on with, “Well…” and “And…” She couldn’t miss a single detail. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Once upon a time, this precious brown eyed Princess could only googoo and babble. She didn’t understand words, couldn’t pronounce anything, but still spoke to Daddy and me.

I chuckled because the words poured out of her mouth. She does this, often. To perfect strangers (the irony there for no stranger is perfect 🤔,) she’ll update them on all that she knows. Socially comfortable? Exceptionally friendly? I don’t know… but, she is she.. and I love her.

My older daughter, Zivah, wasn’t as extroverted, until Kindergarten. She was the one I struggled to let go of.. even at school. Maybe because she’s been my rock… and I’ve been hers.. her only! We’ve overcome obstacles together, that Calandra will NEVER understand.

So here I sit, at the traffic stop, chuckling… when suddenly, I hear

“Well you ladies sure do seem like you’re having a lot of fun!”

This was an older, life seasoned Queen in the vehicle stopped in the straight ahead lane. She complimented my girls’ lipstick, and chatted with me for a few minutes.

The brief few moments, talking with her, reminded me to appreciate people I don’t know. To her, I was a temporary escape to a place of laughter, smiles, and joy. Well, my daughters were that for her.

You see, I was heading to do laundry… where I’d sweat off my butt… but, end the day in fresh clean and sun dried sheets. I believe most of us LOVE that feeling.

She, on the other hand, was heading to a place of sorrow and grief. She, no only, had a name tag type of decor hanging on her rear view mirror; but also, had told me she just lost her sister.

The pain in her words were undeniable and instantaneous. It was if, she was as struggling to keep afloat… but had such little strength left.

So why is this titled, “Why You Matter”?

You never know who NEEDS to meet you. It’s not your responsibility to plan out your entire existence. It’s not your role to decide who’s lives are meant to cross yours. The truth is; however, they will…

God knew this morning needed to happen. This blessing of a lady needed to see some joy today. There’s probably a reason BIGGER why today’s happened as it has… and I’m not ever going to know.

When you start to doubt your worth; and, if you question your existence… remember you’re not living one life… you’re living a series of connections that make sense to everyone around you.. and that only YOU can make that one connection for it all to make sense.

You ARE a blessing.

You ARE a gift.

You ARE a piece to this amazing “bigger picture”…

Tell yourself that 💗💗

With love & light,

Nova Namastè

7 thoughts on “Why YOU matter💚

    1. Thank you! I was really feeling this post, encouraging and inspirational. It’s gotten least attention of all my posts. I just don’t understand.



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