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Flower of the Day: Azalea

Check out the Flower of the Day Challenge

Dear My Love:

These flowers are beautiful; not nearly as much as your soul. Such a thing to compare, simply doesn’t exist.



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105-114th Days of 365 Thanks Giving

💕Today, I’m giving thanks for the following:

  1. When construction is over
  2. Newly paved roads
  3. EMF devices
  4. Discount food stores
  5. Pain relief
  6. Bubble gum kids toothpaste
  7. Drug Store incentives from prescriptions
  8. Struggle over
  9. Sexy underwear
  10. Passionate people

Haaayyyyy!!!! How the heck are ya??!! LOL!! I’m thrilled to have you here. Thank you; because, without you, I wouldn’t have a blog!! This week has been crazy… but, I’ve found the great in the week!

How about you? What’s made you smile this week?

Remember Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💖

Nova Namastè

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Thankful Thursday ❤️🧡💛💚💙💗

I’d love to see followers participate in this little post. When we focus on being thankful, life will show us more of it.

I’ll go first: ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

  1. I’m thankful for my boyfriend.
  2. I’m thankful for Daffodil Hill in Cleveland Heights.
  3. I’m thankful for chocolate hazelnut.
  4. I’m thankful for cloudlesss skies.
  5. I’m thankful for the ability to use all my senses.

Until next time

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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May You Bless this Life

Happy Sunday talented and beautiful souls! Whatever tasks you have on your To-Do, whatever you have planned for this week, in every moment of every day, may life bless you with eyes wide open, heart to see truth, and ears to hear love!

May you walk in faith, that if you don’t feel hope in the moment, you be it. May you seek within yourself, the truth that’s been prepared for you before you were even born.

May you find the places that embrace you in safety, so that you can sit in silence. May you bravely love yourself enough to sit in that space, with love and grace for yourself, and face what you need too.

May you see your truth and follow it. May you seek what’s uncomfortable… and step out in faith… because you desire more… being scared is ok! Having to try again and again and again doesn’t mean you’ve lost! You learn each time; good things take time.

May you respect yourself enough to allow yourself time for what YOU need… food, exercise, water, sex, hugs! Set aside time for reflection, to allow rational thinking to take action in a situation.

Your life, your joy, your happiness, your choices, your mind, body, heart, spirit, everything that “is” in your life… is yours.

Your opportunities to be kind. Your words to be encouraging. Your eyes and face to express positivity .. If you want… you make it happen…

It’s your life… Be it in such a way that, even after life, you live through your incredible legacy!

I believe in you 💗🙏🏼

With love always:

Nova Namastè

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Greetings this Saturday

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening =) I am sitting here, on my bed, sipping my second cup of Cinnabon coffee. It’s pleasingly delightful!

I’ve lived to see this glorious day; for that, I am thankful. I’m blessed to have each of you, as a flower in my garden. For you, I am dearly thankful.

Where ever you are, I hope you will take a few moments to extend kindness. If not for another, for yourself. Your legacy isn’t in what you say or do, but in how got make others feel.

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Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🌺🌸🌼

Nova Namastè

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Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

The rain drenched the forage, for four days and three nights. The ground tried hard to soak it up, as quickly as the rain fell,… but failed miserably. The towering trees sprinkled droplets, as the storm brought in a cooler front. They were lushly leafy maple and buckeye trees. Surrounding the Tribe, patches of steep water threatened to cover passerby’s with mud.

Natalia peaked outside her small intimate teepee, longing to resume her exploration of the area. The wait has been torturous.

—- Nova Namastè Q

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Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays

Better late than never🙏🏼

Black Lives Matter…

Citizens AND Law Enforcement…

With or without a badge, a life is STILL irreplaceable!

This shouldn’t be black vs white…
Citizen vs Officer…

It should be right against wrong.
When we PROPERLY handle objects that could used as weapons…

Guns, box cutters, hatchets, knives, doesn’t matter…

And we fix this anger that causes us to hate… maybe this world will become a bit safer!

Words are the most deadly weapon…. don’t forget that!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🌺
Nova Namastè

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Feliz Martes Amigos y Amigas

Translation: Happy Tuesday my Friends!

I hope today has greeted you with enthusiasm and hope. I hope you’re able to get through the work day with little stress. I hope you see the beauty tucked into your day; and, you feel tons of love for yourself !

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🧡Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness 🧡

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè