It Just Is

Hello my friend!

It’s nice to see you again.

Let me hug you, oh wait


If ever this disease

Of what the government proclaims,

And the opportunity arises,

For you to visit my house, one day..

You’d probably step on a Shopkin, Ryan’s toy,

Or Princess shoe,

As you get the tour, going from room to room,

You’d might see a wrapper, laying on the floor,

Or some kind of sticky wiped on the door.

You’d likely be bombarded with the latest

Excitement from my kids,

They’d tell you all about everything they’ve

Recently just did.

You’d probably see a mess in the toy room

Just right down the hall,

Or some loose dark soft stuff,

From a “hair cut of a doll”!

You’d might see a toy that’s been

Stored in the fridge,

Or a bath toy, that’s hanging out

On the bathtub ridge.

You’ll see breakfast from the morning,

That’s yet to be put away,

Leaving more for me to clean,

As I go through out my day.

I’d look like a piece of homelessness,

That hasn’t seen life from under a rock,

Sweatpants, mom bun, and my favorite

Fuzzy socks.

You’d see the life of a mom doing the best

She can,

When her responsibilities of such high


Sure, you’ll notice pencils laying nearly


And actually everything looking we simply just

Don’t care..

But, I hope you’d be grateful in your reflection

Of the day,

Because quarantine with kids….

There’s, undoubtedly, no easy way.

Where’s my coffee???

“Girls, quit being so loud!!”

With love & light,

Nova Namastè

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