Danger of Oppression

People are dying in the name of hatred….
God Damn that pisses me off…

Not because I hate….
But because I LOVE…


We DO NOT have the right to destroy simply because we don’t understand!!!!!

I’m not speaking for one particular group or the other.

The legality isn’t important. Lives are what’s important.



I just watched One Night in Miami!

Can’t be sorry that it spoke to me.

Until next time,

Be kind to one another!

Nova Namastè

5 thoughts on “Danger of Oppression

  1. I saw someone on twitter say that trans people are demanding things that they’re not entitled too. Ironically though, also saying how dare trans people demand things and rights, but he a (gay man) never do that, they (gay people) just want to be who they are. I don’t know what “things” they were even talking about though. They blocked me after I pointed out, that trans people just want to be who they are too. It’s not REALLY that hard of a concept, lol. They may not like trans people, but gay people also had to fight and demand for things too.

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