40th Day of 365 Thanks Giving

Today, I’m giving thanks for my special someone! Our circumstances aren’t conventional; but, I have never been. Frankly, I don’t believe he has either.

I want to take a minute and gush about him, here. Traditionally, a woman would have that “BFF” to participate in such an escapade. I’m not one of those girls; therefore, I’m recognizing him here!

He is the very epitome of what it means to be a man, gentleman, son, father, leader, and friend.

Next month, it will be a year since we met in person. I knew, then, that this journey was going to be extra special. It’s been everything far beyond special. What I love most about him and I is that we have “no label”. It’s just us. It’s how we work. The way we click, our personalities, our strengths, our desires and beliefs.

The second most incredible aspect to him, and our “specialship” is his ability to challenge. Wether it’s on a personal level, or with parenting, involving my relationships with my parents, or knowledge in general… he sparks my psyche for change.

Our most recent “argument” (and we REALLY can’t call it that!) was a mess of my emotions and triggers from my fear of abandonment. I know this time of year consumes people; and, we all end up in our thoughts. That… was me!! These past 2 weeks, while he was away, I worked so hard to fix me in that situation. There towards the end, I slip alittle.

He’s been understanding, considerate, comforting, respectful, gentleman like, sweet, funny, honest… so many amazing things.

I will always be so happy to have met him! He’s unforgettable!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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