This video spoke to me!
After watching it, I noticed several ideas constantly repeating. Tell me what you notice!

Here’s the video. NOTE: It’s quite lengthy {an hour!}

  • The first idea that stood out is that her compliment made 95% of the participants smile! Isn’t that crazy?
    Imagine what impact she had on their day!
  • The next thing I noticed was 95% of the participants laughed (nervously/embarrassingly) in response to the question/compliment. How frustrating that compliments don’t feel “normal”.
  • Additionally, poor self esteem dominated how the participants viewed themselves. Majority of them commented “I never thought I am.” OR “ It’s been along time since I’ve heard/felt that.” That which dictates our self image/steam needs to be healthy.
  • Finally, I noticed that most of the men, also, positively reacted to the compliment. Gender should never segregate kindness.

My hope is that next year, we make verbal compliments apart of our normal routine. It’s a simple gesture that effortlessly spreads kindness.

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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