22nd Day of 365 Thanks Giving

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Good Morning Everyone ❄️

Today, I’m giving thanks for Fridays! Nearly every week, I look forward to this end. It’s the time I know my daughters will possibly be with someone else. It’s when they might be in two different places; therefore, they won’t fight.

Friday’s when the stress of the school week is over. It’s when alarms can be turned off. It’s a day when many are in a “ I don’t give a crap; it’s Friday” mood (which is hilarious!).

There’s so much I love about Fridays!

Here’s a video to help smooth your transition into the weekend.

The Weekend Vibes

Have a wonderful weekend Followers!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

3 thoughts on “22nd Day of 365 Thanks Giving

  1. Don’t we all just love Fridays?
    Today, I want to give thanks for your blog and how you’ve inspired to take on a spirit of gratitude. It literally means I have to sit down once in awhile and think about all these things, most of which I would have taken for granted in the past, and acknowledge how grateful I am for their existence. Gratitude makes us better human beings. Appreciation is healthy. And you’ve created a channel for us to do that. It would be odd of me not to acknowledge just how much this helps me as a person and a writer… I’m grateful for your space ❤️

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