On the 10th Day of Christmas

As Christmas approaches, and 2020 nears the end, I’m blessed with an opportunity to touch others’ lives, through writing.

I know I have an opportunity every day; but, this year.. this holiday season.. has been exceptionally ugly for people.

Today, tenth day of Christmas, God gave us the 10 Commandments… Above all, He said.. to LOVE!

Tucked in a card, is a gift of love… because He is battling cancer, after a previous tragedy. She’s fighting insecurity after extensive chemotherapy. Another individual is simply trying to keep her siblings lives in some resemblance of normality.

We never know what others are going through. These fokes wouldn’t have ever asked much of help.

Love is patient. Be patient with other shoppers and slow drivers.

Love is kind! Extend kindness to those who are rude to you… because they need it. OR give some to those who are living in less than ideal circumstances right now.

It doesn’t envy, boast, brag, or keep track of wrongs. This year, above all the others, let’s give grace to those who persecute us. Let’s forgive those who’ve done us wrong.

So many are less fortunate. So many have overcome the greatest of odds. So many are positive, knowing and accepting that yes, they’ll still have bad days…

On the tenth day of Christmas, I wish we’d take a few moments and really live the reason for this season!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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