21st Day of 365 Thanks Giving

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Tomorrow Lovelies!

Today, I’m giving thanks for music!

Throughout my life, there’s been countless instances when I’ve turned to music to speak. The words said exactly what I was feeling. They spoke; and, I cried ( I was always crying while growing up). Whether I was angry with my parents, floating on the “love high”, coping with depression, or frustrated from confusion… Music was my therapy, that made life a bit more manageable.

Note: It’s been said, if you want to really know someone, listen to his/her playlist. I highly recommend it. Music is an avenue of expression. It speaks volume about one self, life, and struggles.

Here’s a few songs that’s sewn into my younger years:

Many on this amazing list of 90`s Country~

Lots of country ( Having grown up in Bellaire, Ohio… about twenty minuets from the Jamboree in the Hills site)

I’m forever indebted to music. It’s my lifeline!

With Love and Light

Nova Namaste

8 thoughts on “21st Day of 365 Thanks Giving

  1. And now to give thanks for books. A medium that allows for individuals to pass their incredible thoughts into the minds of others, allowing us to ultimately increase and expand the scale and scope of our consciousness! I absolutely love books and I’m currently trying to get access to a book by Professor Camila Pang titled something like “Explaining human beings.” Not much detail to share about the book, but I certainly want to give thanks for such a medium of sharing knowledge…

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  2. Music is indeed so incredible that even babies respond to it!
    I’ve often been amazed by how well I can capture my little niece’s attention by simply playing some of my favorite pieces on piano and violin, works every time! And what’s truly remarkable, is the fact that she’s only a few months old ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽถ

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      1. My all time favorites are soul and R&B music like Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Teddy Pendegrass, etc. The newer artist I like are Miguel, Snoh aalegra, Xavier Omรคr. I just went to my husbands Christmas party for the first time and music was definitely apart of my conversation lol

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        1. I can appreciate those genres (Moreso now than when I was young)! I’ve not heard of most of those artists. I’ll have to explore later. Music is a fabulous choice for conversation.

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