Oh Honey, Lessons to be Learned!

Love isn’t easy…

It’s forgiving over and over.

It’s stepping back, and allowing another to make a mistake.

It’s allowing children to grow up.

It’s letting go of self and putting another’s best interest first.

It’s choosing happiness over being right.

It’s sacrificing for a greater good.

It’s painfully accepting another must learn accountability.

It’s watching mistakes make life difficult for one you love.

It’s saying what needs said, and doing what needs done.

It’s giving tough love.

Sometimes, it’s being hated…

It’s risking your heart.

It’s giving up your guard; and, allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

It’s pushing past pain, to accomplish and grow.

It’s going without so another won’t.

It’s having less so another can have enough.

It’s making the hard decisions, even when you don’t want to.

It’s protection in emotionally and physically difficult situations.

It’s facing pain head on.

It’s supporting another, regardless of your opinion.

It’s being patient when they’re being a pain in the ass.

Nothing about love is easy… even less about it is butterflies and rainbows…

But, it’s 💯 % worth it!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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