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1st Day of 365 Thanks Giving

Today, I’m starting a series called 365 Days of thanks giving. It’s a simple habit that redirects my mind and changes my attitude towards life.

I hope, in the comments, you’ll join me! One simple thing/person/place/memory something that you wish to give thanks!

For my first day, I’m going to give thanks to unanswered prayers! Our minds think we know what’s best. Our hearts think we know how to handle everything.

Not so much.

The process is built on faith, a time where we pray and think, pause and reflect, forgive and extend grace.

We don’t have all the answers!

For that, I’m so grateful!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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Natural Look 😂😂

My most prized moment😂😂😂 Yes this was intentional. Yes I know this is sexy, thanks for the compliment!

You need laughter in your life:D If I can provide that, I’ll proudly do so!

Note: This is in no way an act of mockery or belittling anyone. It’s not an act to disrespect or the alike. {Sadly, someone will be offended.}