Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays

“Our pain is inevitable; our suffering, optional”

Nova Namastè

In 2021, I’m going to be more mindful of what I invest my energy. If it’s doesn’t add to the quality of my life, I’m not going to feed it. I don’t want it around. I’m not going to give it any time or energy.

In 2021, the moment 12:00 am hits, all that’s happened to that moment will be left at the alter. I won’t carry the anger anymore. I won’t hold myself the victim of my childhood. I won’t stand aside, rolling through the motions… foggy and confused.

I’m choosing to stop the suffering. The replaying will finally stop. The paragraph texts will finally stop. The confrontations upon deaf ears will stop. The crying because of hurt will stop. The insecurity and self hate will stop. The doubt will cease.

In this next year, I’m choosing to stand up and move forward….

Because I’m alive.

Because I’m breathing well.

Because I’m physically able.

Because I’m here.

Because I’m able.

Because I’m capable.

Because I’m taking control of my life.

Because I’m choosing to let go of the chains that bind me to the past.


In this next year, I pray you’ll do the same. Stop allowing yourself to suffer when it’s a choice to stop it. Grab the lesson, and run with it. Grow from it and forgive yourself. Treat yourself to some love and let it go. Every single one of us will experience and has experienced pain.

How much are you going to invest into your past, rather than moving towards healing?

Post inspiration: Leroy Street

Photo Credit & Facebook Page

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