It was Said 🙏🏼❤️

Silence all the nonsense of that vigorously drains your spirit, and listen for your truth. Fight every obstacle that attempts to detour you. You’re heading to a greater life.

Allow yourself to have faith in the unseen. Allow yourself the contentment of accepting what is, come to terms with it. Embrace the unknown because it’s possible that things will turn out for your good. It’s possible that you will evolve from the experience.

What we SAY to ourselves, becomes what we believe. What we believe should ALWAYS be what we deserve! (NOT what we THINK we deserve) 🙏🏼

Speak life into yourself!

“ I seek guidance from all the energy of my being. May I be a vessel in the intention of the great picture. I hope to be a pathway from the old to the new. I desire, with my whole being, to fulfill a purpose of enlightenment, inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, kindness, hope, love, and grace! “

—— 🙏🏼Nova🕉

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