Pausing to Reflect

Right now, it’s 8:00 pm, EST.

It’s the evening of Mental Health Awareness Day.

As I sit here, I’m watching The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix.

I don’t have words….

My heart is breaking. Tears can no longer be held back.

What this boy faced was hell!

The neglect of LA DOCS ( LA Department of Child Services) enrages my soul.

EVERY child needs to know love!!! Every child needs to feel safe.

We adults teach them something positive OR negative with every choice we make.

On this mental health day, mine grieves this incredible loss.

Rest in peace sweet boy!!

He was my older daughter’s age, 8!

How inhuman are you to put him through all of that.


9 thoughts on “Pausing to Reflect

    1. They absolutely do! Gabriel suffered because his mother didn’t deal with her childhood trauma.
      My life has so many similarities to Gabriel’s. It wasn’t physical abuse; but, I was emotionally/mentally abused.
      It’s incomprehensible how much Gabriel suffered and the county neglected this case.

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