A Man’s Halloween Night

Taken from Unsplash

He started walking…

And walking…

And walking…

The snow had been falling,

But he didn’t care.

He had become

Numb to all his senses.

Blurred lines, insignificant details

On the left… on the right.

He allowed himself to befriend disparity.

Over & over, the scenarios raced

Through his mind.

He grew weak, sickened by his

Own behavior.

“What was he thinking?!” he asked


“How did he go through with it,

Knowing darn well how Vanessa

Would feel?!” He disguised himself.

The road grew darker, almost as

If his skeletons had joined him.

They devilishly cackled.

He had lost; they had won.

Again, and again, over & over.


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