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[Audio]Love, Loss, & Letting Go

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Let’s Talk About Love

Celine Dion

Everywhere I go, all the places that I’ve been
Every smile’s a new horizon on a land I’ve never seen
There are people around the world, different faces different names
But there’s one true emotion that reminds me we’re the same
Let’s talk about loveFrom the laughter of a child to the tears of a grown man
There’s a thread that runs right through us and helps us understand
As subtle as a breeze that fans a flicker to a flame
From the very first sweet melody to the very last refrainLet’s talk about love
Let’s talk about lust
Let’s talk about life
Let’s talk about trust
Let’s talk about loveIt’s the king of all who live and the queen of all good hearts
It’s the ace you may keep up your sleeve ’til the name is all but lost
As deep as any sea with the rage of any storm
But as gentle as a falling leaf on any autumn morn.

Nova ❤️

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Five Favorite Things

This is a new challenge for me. Dr. Tonya hosts this weekly fun 😀

Moments when words aren’t necessary!!

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Anything that smells amazing!

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Rushing water!!

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What are five things you love?

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

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Wednesday Wakeup

Slow and refreshing few minutes to breathe and be mindful.

Paired with a sweet taste of spiritual awakening

Inhale positive energy through words of affirmation.

Exhale lies that stem from insecurity, pain, fear, and anger.

Start with a nutritional breakfast, and glass of water.

Now, you’re ready to conquer the day…

Like a Boss.

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Your Life: Your Choice

Lots of my past has been reacting to situations. Let’s be honest, I’m not the only one!

What my therapist has spoken to me about; and, what maturity has developed in time… is a pause.

Think before act.

Think before speak.

Think through it.

Think about all possibilities.

Think about what’s REALLY going on.

Think about inner conflict and projection.

Lots of logical thought…

That pausing breaks down anxiety… and allows me to transition from feeling to rationality.

It’s a whole different result, when you pause then decide.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè

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Stop the Cycle

She always walked with her head down. The bill of her fedora shadowed her face. She dared not make eye contact, nor allow her tears to expose her weakness.

Many of years, she’s worked on this armor. Her pain holds her heart hostage. It prevents opened doors. When the locks are sealed, there’s no way in… or out.

Her family has spent the best part of these past ten years hovering over her. They have perfected relentless psychoanalyses! She cringes at the hint of another inquisitive “How are you doing?”.

She didn’t want to think about what happened. She refused to allow the ugly monster of shame to control her life. The past is the past; and, that’s where she plans it to stay.

That’s a shattered broken soul, abandoned by a man who never really felt, understood, or knew love.

His childhood trauma manifested a rolling ball of anger. As a child, he didn’t understand what was happening; or, if he could do a thing to stop it.

His father beat his mother. When his father wasn’t doing that, he was sitting down at the local bar. There were only a handful of instances when his father wasn’t drunk.

His father was a poor mess, unforgivable and self distructive. Unfortunately, this generational curse only continued.

…. And she no longer could see her own beauty. She no longer had a sense of freedom.

—Nova Namastè

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22 A Day: Charity Miles

I walk for the Wounded Warriors Project. Through Charity Miles and sponsored by Hope Foods, I raise money in remembrance of the #22 a day who commit suicide!

{I do this one a regular bases}






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FOWC: Accentuate

Check out the challenge details here!

Most of the time, additives, such as make up or botox, will accentuate an individual’s natural beauty.

Thus; however, isn’t always the case.

I’m sorry the obvious isn’t so obvious sometimes! YIKES

With the most living way possible,

Nova Namastè

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Talk to Yourself

Indeed, you should. Without realizing it, you actually do this already. Your intuition, mind, and heart are regular chatty Cathys. What do I mean then?

Conscientiously, speak to yourself in a way that will result in self growth. Bring forth the life you DESERVE to have.

“But Why Nova? What Will that do?” You may ask. Bettering yourself, will better the world around you! You’re one person. Your life matters. Your presence impacts others. You make a difference. It’s truth!

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

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It was Said 🙏🏼❤️

Silence all the nonsense of that vigorously drains your spirit, and listen for your truth. Fight every obstacle that attempts to detour you. You’re heading to a greater life.

Allow yourself to have faith in the unseen. Allow yourself the contentment of accepting what is, come to terms with it. Embrace the unknown because it’s possible that things will turn out for your good. It’s possible that you will evolve from the experience.

What we SAY to ourselves, becomes what we believe. What we believe should ALWAYS be what we deserve! (NOT what we THINK we deserve) 🙏🏼

Speak life into yourself!

“ I seek guidance from all the energy of my being. May I be a vessel in the intention of the great picture. I hope to be a pathway from the old to the new. I desire, with my whole being, to fulfill a purpose of enlightenment, inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, kindness, hope, love, and grace! “

—— 🙏🏼Nova🕉