WOTDC: Sustain (❌Warning❌ Rated PG13: Language)

This is realness, real shit.
As a mother of 2 younger children, this experience with remote learning has been hell!
I’ve had to invest absolutely ALL energy; mentally, physically, and emotionally into myself just to get through the week! Sustainability has been just as challenging as getting my 2 mile walks in!!

I’m officially Over It!!!!

I have a list a mile long as to how our kids, parents, and school districts weren’t prepared enough for this style.

I’m one person. I have goals too. I need sleep too. I need a time out too, damn it!!!!

Guh!!! I’m utterly disappointed, exhausted, and irritated!!!


3 thoughts on “WOTDC: Sustain (❌Warning❌ Rated PG13: Language)


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