Phases & Stages

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Ironically, Halloween and Fall are moments of “endings” and “death”. The trees grow bare. Nights become chilly, with howling winds.

Ghosts and Skeletons begins popping up in yards. The fear and fright of Halloween eagerly awaits the trick or treaters.

Our own self, similarly, goes through endings. We experience death in a spiritual sense, sometimes multiple times before a physical death.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary. Just as the chill of the breeze grazes our skin, trauma creates a chill that undeniably changes us.

Today, I’d like to emphasize you are allowed to let go. You can let go AND will survive. It’s been quite some time; and, now you’re meant to begin a new person. Give yourself love and grace. You’re learning.

We’re all imperfect people; but, we all can strive to be a better version of ourselves.

Happy Friday!

Nova Namastè

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