Tweaking My Lifestyle

Hey Bloggers, remember me?

Here’s my stats from 9/7 through 9/13! I’m damn proud of myself!!

Let me tell you, one Summer with “She’s fat!” was one too many for me!!

I was CONSTANTLY feeling hungry… no matter how many calories I ate. I was constantly struggling with some tasks that I hadn’t previously!

A few weeks ago {I’d say 2.5/3} I began a transformation. I deep cleaned my home… and I began deep cleaning my heart… fridge… and insecurities.

I bought a fitness tracker because I wanted an accurate all day step count. My Pacer app was only recording when I carried my phone.

This journey has taken a great deal of my time… in addition to my daughters’ remote learning! I hope you continue to cheer me on and I hope to continue inspiring you as this evolves!

Change begins with the Man in the Mirror! ❤️💪🏼

With love and light


Love ya!!!

9 thoughts on “Tweaking My Lifestyle

  1. 20 years up until a year ago, I was always hungry too. I use to bring food up to bed for a snack when I got hungry. I also started gaining weight as I slept. I would go to bed 140 and wake up 142 & then again a few weeks later I went to bed 149 and woke up 151. 150 was my breaking point, and that was it, I had to figure out the reason behind the hunger and weight gain. Too much to reveal however really quick the 3 major things that helped was 1.Progesterone 5% cream you can get online without an Rx. 2. Drinking 90 essential vitamins and minerals, way better absorption & since I am not deficient in anything & absorbing all my vitamins and minerals, I don’t feel hungry. 3. Rebounder to flush the lymph. Good luck, if you want more info on the 90 minerals let me know.


    P.S. I also bought a 1k far-infrared dry sauna to sweat out all the impurities & 5lbs extra and went from 150lbs down to 133 just like I was when I was 35 yrs. Let’s just say that was about 15 years ago.



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